Trekking in Bhutan

Trekking in Bhutan is hiking through the lush green valleys with terraced fields and quaint hamlets. The Bhutan trek trails pass through the rising hills dotted with ancient monuments and fluttering prayers flags. Bhutan trekking is all about a rich environment teeming with rare flowers, animals and birds. Bhutan is a natural paradise offering the travelers an experience like no other.

Hiking in Bhutan comprises of three tiers from the sub tropical to the temperate and the Alpine. Each of these tiers is distinguished by their rich eco-systems. Whether you want to study unique and endangered plants, birds and animals or test walking prowess, there is something for everyone. You can choose from the list of our short two days Bhutan trekking, Bumdra Trek to the twenty four days, Snowman Trek. Our friendly and experienced trekking staff will keep you safe and entertained throughout your trek. They simply are the best.

The trails are devoid of litter, the eco-species strongly protected and the people are charming and friendly.

Top 9 Bhutan Trekking Itineraries.


2 Days Bhutan Trek (Bumdra Trek):

A short 2 days trekking in Bhutan which starts from Sangchekhor Monastery and ends at the Tiger’s Nest. A highly recommended for those looking for a short Bhutan Trekking program. You can enjoy scenic view of the Paro valley and mountain panorama. As you descend on the second day, you can see an interesting cliff-face pilgrimage site. You can view all the small monasteries above the Tiger’s nest Monastery.

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3 Days Trekking in Bhutan (Chele La Nature Trek):

The Chele La Nature Trek is a nature based trekking in Bhutan as the name suggests. This is a short three days Bhutan Trekking itinerary that gives opportunity to see the Haa valley. You can see the Paro valley on the other side of the ridge. From the end of March till the end of May, the trekking trail is decorated with varieties of Primulas, Blue Poppy, Rhododendron Rhododendrons and other wild flowers and Orchids.

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4 Days Bhutan Trekking Itinerary (Tshaluna Trek):

This is a short 4 days Bhutan Trekking Itinerary and is moderately difficult. The Tshaluna trek is a short version of the Druk Path, one of the best and popular trails for Trekking in Bhutan. The Trail starts from Jele Dzong in Paro and ends at Tshaluna, south of Thimphu. The trek offers beautiful views of mountains that separate the Thimphu and Paro valleys. This route is also famous for its scenic rhododendron forests and beautiful high altitude lakes abundant with fish.

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5 Days Bhutan Trek Itinerary (Drukpath Trek):

This is a very popular 5 days Trek and goes to High Altitude and is moderately strenuous trekking in Bhutan. The Trek route passes through some beautiful High Altitude Lakes. You can come across diverse Flora as you pass through the ridge of the Mountain and you can see the beautiful view of the Himalayas around. This Bhutan trekking route starts from Paro near the National Museum and ends in Motithang, Thimphu. The highest point is 4110 m.

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5 Days Hiking in Bhutan (Dagala Trek):

Dagala Trek is a 5 days trek near Thimphu. This is one of the best hiking in Bhutan with trails passing through to a large number of lovely high altitude lakes. The Trek is easy and most trekking days are short but there are some long steep climbs. It starts from Khoma, near Thimphu and ends in Chamgang, Thimphu. The highest point is 4300 m. This Bhutan Trekking trial is one of the very popular and is highly recommended.

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7 Days Bhutan Hiking (Yaktsha Trek):

This Yaktsha Trek route is a very popular, passing through Jangothang and the base of Mount Jumolhari. The Bhutan hiking trek Route passes through some of the beautiful high passes and the Yak Herders’ camp. The Trekkers can see some of the most spectacular mountain views of the Higher Himalayas including Jichu Drake. You will also have the opportunity to see Blue sheep and other wild life in these areas.

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8 Days Bhutan Hiking (Jumolhari Trek):

This Jumolhari Trek is a classic and the best 8-day hiking in Bhutan starting from Shana in Paro and ending at the base of Cheri monastery, in the north of Thimphu. The route passes through two high passes from Jangothang. The view of Jumolhari Mountain (7314 M) from Jangothang is spectacular.  The Trek is strenuous and is very popular. This Bhutan trekking trail is strenuous and the highest point is 4700 m.

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12 Days Bhutan Hiking Tours (Laya Gasa Trek):

Laya Gasa Trek, as the name suggests is the most beautiful 12 days hiking in Bhutan. This Bhutan Trekking trail is an extension of the Jumolhari Trek and offers various flora and fauna. The Trail passes through the Jumolhari base camp passing through the remote Lingshi and Laya village. You will see Takins, Blue Sheep and Blue Poppy, the national flower of Bhutan. This Trek will give you an opportunity to see a glimpse of the unique culture of the Layap people.

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24 Days Snowman Trek:

This Bhutan Trekking Trail is one of the top 10 toughest treks in the world. The Snowman Trek is an extension of Jumolhari Trek and then the beautiful Laya Gasa Trek. The Trek route passes through the remote village of Laya and many high mountain passes of the Himalayas. It takes seasoned and experienced trekkers into the remote Lunana region and the base of Gangkhar Puensum.  You can end the trek coming down to Sephu village in Trongsa.

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While on Trek, the cost covers:

  • 3 meals a day.
  • Services of cook & Helper.
  • Local English speaking Trekking guide.
  • Sleeping Tent, Mess Tent, Kitchen Tent & Toilet Tent.
  • Ponies to carry supplies.
  • Nature Recreation and Ecotourism Division fee.
  • We will provide you with sleeping mats but you have to bring your own sleeping bags.

Optional Items to bring for trekking in Bhutan.

  • Head gear.
  • Sun glasses.
  • One towel.
  • Folding umbrella (only for wet months — July and August).
  • Pillow.
  • Pillow case.
  • Wet-packed tissue paper.

Things to bring for a trekking in Bhutan:

  • Strong comfortable trekking boots – water-resistant for the rainy period-June-August.
  • Personal clothing: strong normal clothing (according to season). Preferably cotton, even for summer, woolen clothing for the evening and winter.
  • Flash light.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Rain coat (especially for rainy period –June-August).
  • Head gear/hat/cap; sun and rain protection.
  • Aspirin – incase of altitude sickness.
  • Water pills – for extra caution in purifying stream; (boiled water is provided at all times during the trek).
  • Warm clothes.
  • Lots of socks.