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Bhutan Flights Information.

The two Airlines, Drukair & Bhutan Airlines operate Bhutan flights to Delhi, Kolkata, Bagdogra, Kathmandu, Dhaka, Bangkok and Singapore. Flights to Gaya are seasonal. On clear weather, one can enjoy the impeccable mountain panorama and breathtaking views of the Himalayas on a Bhutan flight. A glimpse of the Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Jichu Drake, Jumolhari and many other great mountains of the Himalayas. It will be a feast to the eye as you fly just above these mountains. The experience of flight to Bhutan is simply exhilarating and the flights to Bhutan are a perfect prelude to our beautiful country.

Bhutan Airlines:

Druk Air, the first government owned airline, started operating Bhutan flights in 1983 with 18- seater Dornier 228-200 and then upgraded to BAe 146 in 1988. It now has three Airbuses A319 for its nine international destinations and an ATR 42-500 for its 3 regional destinations.
Later in 2011, Bhutan Airlines became the first private airline to start operations with their international flight with an Airbus A320. At the moment, it has two A319 aircrafts.

Bhutan flights:

The Bhutan flight schedules are subject to change depending on the weather conditions because of the geographical location and operating challenges out or into Paro airport.

We are a Tour operator based in Thimphu Bhutan and work with both the Bhutan Airlines & Druk Air and can arrange your hassle free flight to Bhutan from various destinations.

Besides Bhutan flight tickets, we also organize Cultural Tours, Trekking, festival tours, honeymoon trips and many more. Our tour itineraries are designed keeping in mind to show you the best of Bhutan.

Travel with us and embark on a journey of a life time..!

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Flights to Bhutan from various Sectors

Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines are the only 2 Airlines that operate in Bhutan. Please click on the links below to check the flight schedules from various cities.

Flights from Kathmandu to Bhutan:

There are flights from Kathmandu to Bhutan on daily basis. Bhutan to Kathmandu flights (Return flights) is also on daily basis.

The flight duration is approximately 1 hour. The morning flight is around 8: 30 am and afternoon flight is around 2:20 pm.

Flights to Bhutan from Dhaka (Bangladesh):

There are three flights to Bhutan from Dhaka (Bangladesh) in a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The return flights from Bhutan to Dhaka are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The flight duration is approximately 1 hour.

Bhutan Flight Routes

Flights to Bhutan from Singapore:

Flights to Bhutan from Singapore are on Thursday & Sunday. The Druk Air flies to and from Singapore via Gauhati (India). Singapore to Bhutan flight time is at 6:30 am and arrive Paro, Bhutan at 10:30 am.

Bhutan to Singapore Flights is on Wednesday & Saturday: Druk Air Flight No. KB 540 departs from Paro at 7:30 am and arrive Singapore at 3:35 pm.

The flight duration is 5 ½ hours including 45 minutes stopover in Gauhati (India). All timings in local.

Flights to Bhutan from Bangkok (Thailand):

There is flight from Bangkok to Bhutan on daily basis. The Direct flights from Bangkok to Paro (Bhutan) are on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday. The flight duration is 2 hrs. 47 minutes.

The Flights from Bangkok to Bhutan on Tuesday and Saturday are via Bagdogra (West Bengal, India) with a stop over for 40 minutes. The duration of flight is 3 hrs. 27 minutes including 40 minutes stop over in Bagdogra, India.

Flights from Paro (Bhutan) to Bangkok (Return flights):

There is flight from Paro to Bangkok on daily basis. The direct flights from Paro to Bangkok are on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturdays and Sunday (Flight duration: 2 hours 47 minutes).

The flights to Bangkok via Bagdogra are on Monday and Friday. The duration of Flight from Bangkok to Paro is 3 hours 27 minutes.

Flights to Bhutan from the USA (US):

There are no direct flights to Bhutan from USA. If you plan to travel from East coast, then you have to fly to Delhi. If you plan to travel from West coast, then you have to fly to Bangkok or Singapore and make connection to fly into Bhutan.

Flights to Bhutan from Delhi (India):

There are 4 direct flights to Bhutan from Delhi in a week, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Delhi to Bhutan flights depart at 10:05 am and arrive Paro 12:55 pm.

The flights to Bhutan from Delhi via Kathmandu (Nepal) are on Monday and Wednesday. The flights to Bhutan from Delhi depart at 11:50 am and arrives Paro at 1:50 pm.

Delhi to Bhutan Flight duration is 2 hrs. 20 minutes (Direct flight) and 3 hrs. 25 minutes via Kathmandu.

Return flights from Paro to Delhi (Via Kathmandu) are on Mondays and Wednesdays) and the direct flights are on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Flights to Bhutan from Kolkata (India):

All flights to Bhutan from Kolkotta (India) are direct flights.

There is flight to Kolkotta (India) on daily basis (Return flight). The flight duration is 55 minutes

Flights to Bhutan from Bagdogra (India):

There are 2 flights from Bagdogra (India) to Bhutan in a week that is on Tuesday and Saturday.

The return flights to Bagdogra from Bhutan are on Mondays and Fridays. The flight duration is 30 minutes.

Flights to Bhutan from Gauhati (India):

There are 2 flights from Gauhati (India) to Bhutan in a week that is on Thursday and Sunday.

The return flights to Gauhati (India) from Bhutan are on Wednesday and Saturday. The flight duration is 30 minutes.

  • Click here for Druk air Schedule
  • Click here for Bhutan Airline Schedule

Bhutan Flight Fares for various sectors (Round Trip)

The Bhutan flight fares from various cities are given below. Please note that the fares given are for International tourists and are Round trip fares. These fares do not apply for regional tourists such as Indians, Bangladeshis and Maldivians.

The flight fares are subject to change and please contact us for the latest fares.

Sector Economy Class (USD) Business Class (USD)
SIN – PBH – SIN 1000.3 1657.3
BKK – PBH – BKK 974.5 1.91.5
KTM – PBH – KTM 423 476
DAC – PBH – DAC 423 503
DEL – PBH – DEL 625.6 770
CCU – PBH – CCU 423 503

Airport Codes:

BKK = Bangkok (Thailand)

SIN = Singapore

KTM = Kathmandu (Nepal)

DAC = Dhaka (Bangladesh)

DEL = New Delhi (India)

CCU = Kolkotta (India)

IXB = Bagdogra (India)

GAU = Gauhati (India)

GAY = Gaya (India).

Terms & conditions for Flight to Bhutan

Below are the terms and conditions of carriage for all flight to Bhutan.

Check in time:

The reporting time is 2.1/2 hours prior to the departure of flight. All counters are closed 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.

Validity of the tickets:

Ticket issued against full fare is valid for a period of one year, except as otherwise mentioned in the ticket.

Change in Air fares:

Fares are subject to change without notice. In the event of a passenger commencing journey after the revised tariff becomes effective, the difference between the fare paid and the fare applicable will be collected from the passenger before embarkation.

The view of Mt. Everest from the Bhutan Flights

View of Mt. Everest from the Drukair Flight

Bhutan Flight tickets Cancellations & Refund Policy:

Refund of the flight ticket can only be made by the issuing office. No refund can be made against the loss of tickets. Please note that the tickets are cash value documents and must be physically presented for refund.

Valuable Items:

The items of value like the currencies, gold and jewelry and other items of value are best carried with the passenger in the cabin.

Checked Baggage Allowance:

The checked baggage allowances are as follows:

  • Economy Class 30 kg (66 pounds)
  • Business Class 40 kg (88 pounds)


Free baggage allowance is not entitled for the infants paying only 10% of the applicable air fare.

The following items may be carried free of charge over and above the Free Baggage Allowance.

  • A blanket or an overcoat wrap.
  • A ladies’ handbag or purse which is not being used as a container to carry articles which would be regarded as baggage.
  • A small camera or a pair of binoculars.
  • An umbrella or a walking stick.
  • Infant’s food for consumption in the flight and infants carrying basket.
  • Crutches or fully collapsible wheelchair for the passenger’s use if the passenger is dependent on them.
  • Reading matters for the flight in a reasonable amount.
  • Other items like flight bags, large size cameras, ladies’ vanity cases, briefcases etc. will be weighed and excess baggage will be charged if applicable.

Excess Baggage Charges:

The Bhutanese flights charge excess baggage in per kilogram basis. This is equal to 1.5% of the highest normal adult one way economy class fare or as specified in the Airline’s Term and Fare sheet.

Detailed information regarding the above is available at your Airlines office.

Import of Alcohol:

You can carry up to 1 litre of Alcoholic beverages.

Smoking in Bhutan:

Smoking in public places is banned in Bhutan and the sale of tobacco products is illegal. Tobacco brought in for personal consumption will be levied 100 % tax. The permitted amount is 400 cigarettes and 150 grams of Pipe tobacco.


The export and import of religious artifacts, antiques, plants or animal products, especially those of endangered species is strictly prohibited. Import and export of arms, ammunitions, explosives, nor are narcotics, or drugs unless they are medically prescribed.

We suggest you consult us if are purchasing old and used items in Bhutan. The custom rules do not allow these to be taken out of the country if they have not been certified as non-antique goods. Import of plants, soils, etc., will be subject to quarantine regulations and must be cleared on arrival.

Some of our valued Clients


Anne & Marion tying the prayer flags at Dochula Pass


Guide Milan and Pilar De La Macarena (Spanish Actor)at Tiger’s Nest


Our Guide Tshering with the Brazilian Group


Latin Angel Maria and her husband Rodolfo at Paro International Airport

Memorable trip to Bhutan.

Hi Mr Sithar,
Yes that’s a pity that we could not meet up there, but we met your wife there right ? I think the trip is nice because of the nature, the hospitality of Bhutanese people, the very care and kindness of Bhakta and Passang, just except the fact that I did not really enjoy the food because I am quite difficult for any new type of food.

Anyway it’s not a great issue because I understand we had to adjust to the local conditions whenever we travel.

I did give your company contacts to some of my friends who will come for Bhutan next and the information of the trip has been shared in our local tourism forum for people to know more about Bhutan. You can see the pictures I took in my Facebook, some of which are really nice. Hope to have chances to be back to your lovely country. Best Regards

My Magical Bhutan Tour.

Good evening Sithar Tamang,

Tonight is my last night of my Magical Bhutan itinerary, and as per your welcome letter, I would like to take this chance to share my experiences with my guide, Mr Lal, and Driver Passang.

I have had an amazing week, and the beauty and peacefulness I have experienced in this amazing Kingdom has created so many memories that I hope will be with me for the rest of my life. The professionalism of Mr Lal and Passang have ensured that my time here was all it could be. The gentlemen were always incredibly punctual, incredibly well-groomed, and always with a big smiles on their faces.

I would also like to comment on the excellent driving of Passang. We covered many miles on some rather challenging roads and I never once felt my safety was in jeopardy. His vehicle was always clean and tidy, even after a day of driving on dusty roads. And he always had a ready smile and happy face!

In these two gentlemen, I believe you have two very special people who are great Ambassadors of your wonderful Kingdom. I am grateful to them for the wonderful way they looked after me this week.

Great Memories 7 Days Bhutan Tour.

Yak Holidays (Sithar) arranged an absolutely wonderful visit to Bhutan. He was easy to deal with by (email) even though there was a 12 hr time difference. We are back home now with lots of great memories and images. The Yak tour guide and driver (Kinga and Nima) showed us their country in a very caring, thoughtful and in a very personalized way.

At all times Kinga would explain the day’s itinerary and I was never left in any uncertainty as to what was happening. Every evening, he would always ensure that everything was as it should be, that my room was to my liking and that I didn’t have any other requirements before he would depart for the night. He also went ‘the extra mile’ for me today which I am very appreciative of.

Kinga is a budding artist, and gave us great insights into Thangka art.

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